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Which recovery cones for cats are best?

Finding the best recovery cones for your cat isn’t the most straightforward thing, especially if you have a cat with a stubborn personality. While making sure your cat can’t escape or lick their wounded or injured areas is the key function of recovery cones, buyers also appreciate those that are soft and comfortable, adjustable and, frankly, make their cats look cute.

This SLSON Recovery Cone for Cats will perform all of those functions effectively, featuring a beautiful yellow flower design and a soft fabric that most cats won’t mind.

What to know before you buy a recovery cone for cats

Location of wound area

The top reason to use recovery cones for cats is to prevent a cat from reaching a recovering, wounded or otherwise injured area with their mouths since cats typically use their mouths and tongues to clean their whole body. In most cases, recovery cones will work for a variety of wound locations, though some cats with lower-body issues may require a more robust cone to prevent them from reaching past their cones.

Types of recovery cones

You can find a range of recovery cone types that may work better or worse for your needs, including soft fabric recovery cones, mesh plastic recovery cones, adjustable collar recovery cones, heavy-duty recovery cones and other protective cone types.

Cat size

Another important thing to consider when picking out recovery cones for cats is what size your furry friend actually is — both in total pounds and around their necks. Many recovery cones will be offered in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of cat sizes, and you can also often measure your cat’s neck circumference and cross-check it with a given product’s description and advertised sizing details.

What to look for in a quality recovery cone for cats

Sufficiently restrictive

Most importantly, your cat’s recovery cone should restrict them enough that they aren’t able to reach the affected area. While most recovery cones are restrictive enough, some wound location and decorative recovery cone combinations may be less effective than those in other circumstances, so it’s worth checking out a product’s reviews before making your choice.


In a similar fashion to making your cat’s recovery cone restrictive enough, a recovery cone that your cat can escape is not going to be good enough. You’ll also want to make sure that your cat’s recovery cone is secure enough that they won’t be able to escape from it, or it will simply render the product pointless.

Adjustable collar

Many upgrade pick recovery cones for cats feature adjustable qualities, such as an adjustable collar to fit a cat’s changing body, and offer a more universally sized product than some standard recovery cones.

How much you can expect to spend on recovery cones for cats

Recovery cones for cats can vary a bit in price, but, in general, buyers can usually find affordable protective cat collars within their budgets. Cheap recovery cones for cats may cost as little as $7, while higher-quality models with more features will usually cost between $12-$30.

Recovery cones for cats FAQ

Do recovery cones for cats come in softer materials than hard plastic?

A. You can find a wide variety of recovery cones, including a variety of plush fabrics and soft plastics with a bumpered edge that many sensitive cats don’t mind. You can also find cones that feature fabric and other soft materials around the collar, which some cats will tend to prefer to hard plastic.

Can cats get sad from wearing recovery cones?

A. It remains to be seen whether recovery cones specifically can make cats sad, but some owners have noticed lowered energy levels and other related behaviors while their cats must wear these cones. Still, recovery cones for cats are typically only worn on a temporary basis, so if you need to, you can feed them a few extra treats and give them some extra love until they regain full health and mobility.

What’s the best recovery cone for cats to buy?

Top recovery cone for cats

SLSON Recovery Collar for Cats with Adjustable Neck Fasteners

SLSON Recovery Collar for Cats with Adjustable Neck Fasteners

What you need to know: This cat recovery collar is one of the cutest designs out there, featuring a yellow floral design made from a soft material that even sensitive cats can get used to.

What you’ll love: It includes a completely adjustable collar piece that allows pet owners to customize the collar to the cat’s neck size. It can also be purchased in either small or medium sizes, one of which will likely work for any cat between 5 and 25 pounds.

What you should consider: Though this model offers a small and medium option, some had a little difficulty getting the larger cone to work as needed for large cats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top recovery cone for cats for the money

Bolbove Clear Plastic Recovery Cone Collar for Cats

Bolbove Clear Plastic Recovery Cone Collar for Cats

What you need to know: This dog and cat recovery cone fits most animal necks between 5.2 and 6.2 inches thick and offers both a fair price and a classic recovery cone look, with a little extra color.

What you’ll love: Besides the great price, this recovery cone also features an extra soft, colored collar and edges that are preferable for many cats, as well as simple button fasteners. This cone can also be purchased with blue, red or rose red accents.

What you should consider: This recovery cone wasn’t as secure as some buyers had hoped.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ANWA Adjustable Recovery Cone for Cats with Adjustable Collar

ANWA Adjustable Recovery Cone for Cats with Adjustable Collar

What you need to know: Another great option to make your cat super adorable, these adjustable fruit design recovery cones will at least make you laugh while your furry friend recovers.

What you’ll love: Beyond being super cute, this recovery cone is fairly affordable and features an adjustable collar and soft material that’s comfortable for cats. This decorative recovery cone comes in four fruit styles, including an orange, pineapple, strawberry and watermelon.

What you should consider: This recovery cone model may not be as great for some lower-body wounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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