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Which smart coffee maker is best?

You might use coffee to get your brain moving in the morning, but wouldn’t it be great if your coffee maker got things moving for you first? Smart coffee makers allow you to brew your coffee from anywhere, so it’s ready and waiting for you once you manage to drag yourself out of bed, making it ideal for anyone who needs coffee to function in the morning. 

What to look for in a smart coffee maker

Smart coffee makers can be controlled by an app, a smart home system or both. Consider what smart features you want from your coffee maker before buying so you won’t be disappointed. It’s worth noting that there aren’t currently a considerable number of smart coffee makers available, as many users are happy with their programmable coffee makers. However, this is likely to change in the future, so if you buy one now you’ll be ahead of the curve. 

Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth

The majority of smart coffee makers are Wi-Fi–enabled so that you can control them via your phone or tablet from anywhere, and they can link up to a smart home system. However, you can find some smart coffee makers that are Bluetooth-compatible only. This limits how you can use them, as they won’t work with a smart home system and you’ll need to be within range of the coffee maker to control it via an app. 

App controls

You can expect most smart coffee makers to have some kind of app control function. To use this, you’ll need to download the appropriate app to your smartphone or tablet. Depending on the app and the functions of the coffee maker, you may be able to control it in a range of ways. Of course, you’ll be able to start brewing, but you might also be able to perform functions like adjusting the brew strength and switching between cup sizes and carafe options.

Smart home compatibility

If you have a smart speaker, such as an Amazon Echo or a Google Nest, you may be able to control your smart coffee maker with voice commands using your smart home system. This makes things simpler compared to getting your phone out and using an app. 

Coffee maker type

You should also consider what type of coffee maker you want. If you’re set on a smart coffee maker, this will limit the types of coffee machines available, but you still have some choices, including drip coffee makers and pod coffee makers. 


Consider whether you want to make a single cup of coffee or a full carafe. Some smart coffee makers will only do one or the other, while others give you a choice.

Limitations of smart coffee makers

As there aren’t currently any smart coffee makers with built-in grinders, you still need to load your coffee maker manually. If you’re well-prepared, you can fill it up with water and ground coffee or a coffee pod at night, so it’s ready to go in the morning. However, if you forget to load it, you’ll still need to get up and fill it up before brewing your coffee, at which point, it’s easier to press a couple of buttons on the machine itself than to open up an app to start the brewing process.

Smart coffee maker prices

You can expect to pay a little more for a smart coffee maker than you would for a coffee maker of comparable quality without smart features, but that doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable. Basic smart coffee makers start at around $75-$100, while high-end options can cost $500 plus. You can subscribe to the BestReviews mailing list for information on the latest and greatest deals.

Best smart coffee makers

Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker

This coffee maker works with any Alexa smart speaker or the Alexa app, allowing you to use voice commands to change brew strength, start brewing and turn the coffee maker off. It’s extremely simple to set up and use.

Sold by Amazon

Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Coffee Maker

Perfect for anyone who loves the convenience of pod coffee, this coffee machine makes the process even easier with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can easily program your machine or start the brewing process from anywhere. Just fill the reservoir and load your pod in advance, and you can do the rest from your phone or tablet.

Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond

Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

A versatile smart coffee maker that can be controlled via an app for Android or iOS or using voice commands with Alexa or Google Home. In addition to starting brewing, you can set the brew strength via the app or with voice commands.

Sold by Amazon

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