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The Tupperware retro chic collection is timeless

Tupperware is back.

The food storage brand that’s quite literally synonymous with food storage was nearly left in the past.  Four months ago, Tupperware announced that it was in danger of going out of business. But last week, the brand reached a deal with its creditors to reduce its overall debt and interest payments. Tupperware also acquired $21 million in new financing and has unveiled an adorable, new retro collection to celebrate getting back on its feet.

If you long for the nostalgic days of Tupperware parties, you’re going to want to check out this retro chic collection. In fact, these pieces are so cute that you might want to throw your own unsanctioned Tupperware party just to have an excuse to show it all off.

Be the envy of any dinner party with these retro chic Tupperware sets

Best Tupperware Retro Chic Get-It-All Set

Tupperware Retro Chic Get-It-All Set

Why have just a few pieces of retro chic Tupperware when you can get it all? This set comes with everything you need to store food in classic mid-century style. The Get-It-All Set comes with 38 pieces, including stacking canisters in 2.5-cup, 7.25-cup, 10-cup and 12.5-cup sizes,  a set of four 1.75-cup refrigerator bowls with hang-on spoons, a Snack-Stor container, a set of two 1.75-cup “square round” small containers, a set of two 3.5-cup “square round” medium containers and a set of four 1-cup junior cereal bowls. All the pieces come with lids and are available in a variety of pastel colors straight out of a dreamy 1970s kitchenscape. Want to have it all? You can with this set.

Best Tupperware Square Round Medium Containers

Tupperware Square Round Medium Containers

This set of two medium containers can hold 3.5 cups or 800 milliliters each, enough for last night’s dinner leftovers or a generous packed lunch to take to work. Both containers have leakproof lids and come in Bordeaux and Old Rose shades — two hues of pink that look like they came from that old lava lamp you had (or wanted) back in Tupperware’s heyday. 

Best Tupperware Stacking Canisters Set

Tupperware Stacking Canisters Set

This set of four stacking canisters comes in all the sizes you need to store a whole meal’s worth of leftovers: 2.5 cups/600 milliliters, 7.25 cups/1.7 liters, 10 cups/2.4 liters and 12.5 cups/3 liters. Each canister has a leakproof lid, which means it can go from fridge to freezer with ease, and when not in use, the canisters stack or nest together for easy storage. And the set comes in the whole range of retro chic colors featured in this Tupperware line — pastels that take us right back to Grandma’s kitchen.

Best Tupperware Square Round Small Containers

Tupperware Square Round Small Containers

This set of two small containers can hold 1.75 cups or 400 milliliters each, making them perfect for storing a snack, dessert or leftovers of a side dish. Both containers come with leakproof lids, and they come in two of the brightest colors from the retro-chic line — Orange Taffy and Early Roots.

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