KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – To understand the challenges your cellular network will contend with, if you’re heading to the Chiefs victory parade on Wednesday, think of the volume of traffic you see on a typical commute to work.

Now, imagine your typical drive to work with the addition of a million or so extra cars on the highway.

That’s the visual some cellular experts are using to manage expectations for any Chiefs fan eager to share the sights and sounds of Wednesday’s parade on social media.

One tip: With so many people sharing a finite amount of network capacity, send messages using SMS instead of iMessage. And, if you can, wait to upload your pics and videos when you get home, after the parade.

Both Sprint and Verizon have rolled out some additional equipment to handle the unprecedented onslaught of cell traffic in downtown Kansas City for Wednesday.

A statement from Sprint reads:

“We have substantially increased our capacity and improved coverage throughout the city including the midtown area since the Royals parade in 2015. In preparation for a Chiefs win, for the last two weeks we have been optimizing sites along the parade route and rally area and we have installed a number of temporary portable sites to further increase our capacity and provide the event organizers access to a private network.”

In addition, Sprint is deploying two COWs (cell sites on wheels), two Sprint Emergency Response Team (ERT) SAT Colts (satellite cell on light trucks) to handle the likely unprecedented capacity demands.

But even with all of that, at peak times, people at the parade might struggle to get a signal.