KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — The Kansas City Chiefs have had some time to reflect on their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Chiefs safety Justin Reid summed up the team’s White House visit in one sentence: “The White House was sick.”

The Super Bowl champions had their moment of glory at the nation’s capital after missing their time in 2019 after winning Super Bowl LIV.

Both Justin Reid and head coach Andy Reid reflected on the military personnel that was in place to explain the meaning behind the paintings and historical artifacts that are in the building.

“You got the history of that, and I think the guys appreciated that part,” Andy Reid said.

Justin recalled a story he was told about an American family that bought a painting for $7 in India around 60 to 70 years ago.

The family later found out it was an original painting of colonial Philadelphia. It now sits in the White House and is worth $300 million.

The team also got a full tour and got to see some sites that are normally roped off to the public, and Reid and other players talked to military personnel and White House staff about their championship experience and performing under pressure.

President Joe Biden spent a lot of time with the team, especially the personnel that went to college at the University of Delaware, like offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and general manager Brett Veach.

Andy also went to the White House with the Green Bay Packers in 1997 when he was assistant offensive line coach after they won Super Bowl XXXI. It brought back some reminders of the Chiefs’ 2019 team that didn’t get their time with the then-president.

“We’re enjoying the heck out of this thing. I wish all the guys from that team could’ve been there, too,” Andy Reid said.

Local Chiefs fans were also in attendance for the ceremony.

Andy also talked about how great the food was after the ceremony. Some of the things on the menu for the Chiefs:

  • French toast grilled cheese and ham sandwich with powdered sugar on top: “It was phenomenal… there was an abundance of this.”
  • Exotic chicken fingers
  • Bite-size squares of the heart of a watermelon

“My hat went off to the chef,” Andy Reid said. “I went back and talked to him. I just go, ‘You guys are unbelievable.’ Whoever cut all of that out and had the patience to do that, hat goes off to them.”

Now that all of the celebrations are mostly over for the 2022 squad, the team has already turned the page toward 2023.

“We got an even bigger target on our back than we did last year,” Justin Reid said. “We got to take a moment every once in a while to go back in the history book and enjoy that moment and enjoy that moment and have some of our former players.. some of those guys come back.”

“As far as the mentality in the room, we’re working to continue this dynasty and continue to build on what we did last year.”