JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A representative for the Kansas City Chiefs spent the day testifying in support of a bill that would allow sports betting in Missouri.

But that’s not the only thing that Chiefs fans learned during the hearing.

Senator Barbara Anne Washington represents Jackson County. She asked Chiefs Vice President of Civic Affairs Anne Scharf, if the team plans to stay in Missouri.

Jefferson City Bureau Chief Emily Manley was in the hearing at the time the question was asked.

Scharf responded by saying the team is currently looking at the possibility of renovating Arrowhead but made no mention of the Chiefs crossing the state line.

News broke last month when Kevin Clark of the Ringer reported Chiefs President Mark Donovan said the team had considered options in the state of Kansas, and had been pitched by Kansas developers.

Kansas lawmakers are taking steps to sweeten the deal if the Chiefs are serious about moving.

An amendment added to a bill that would legalize sports betting would also set aside millions of dollars to attract professional sports teams.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson weighed in on the situation Monday. He said Missouri will compete with any other state offering a deal to the Chiefs.

“Missouri has been home to the Kansas City Chiefs for nearly 60 years, and we don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon,” Parson said.

Jackson County, Missouri, Executive Frank White also said he plans to do everything in his power to keep the Chiefs at the Truman Sports Complex.