KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — It’s victory Monday in Chiefs Kingdom. Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs with five touchdown passes, polishing off the Cardinals 44-21.

“It’s amazing, 44-21, yeah that was amazing,” one Chiefs fan said. 

Now all eyes turn to Thursday’s home opener when the division rival Los Angeles Charges make the trip to Arrowhead Stadium in prime time. 

It’s a game shaping up to be one for the ages. Mahomes, Herbert and two Super Bowl contenders, but it could cost you. 

“Tickets, parking, beer, having kids, you’re going to spend a grand at least going to the game,” another Chiefs fan said.

The Chiefs rank as one of the NFL teams with the most expensive tickets, and according to Tickets For Less, you can credit that to the team’s performance on the field. 

“After a game like yesterday, you’re going to see sales going up. That’ll continue as you get closer to Thursday,” said Mary Strickler, director of marketing at Tickets For Less. 

The higher prices stem from years of success that the Kingdom has witnessed. 

“When you have a team such as the Chiefs, you know, who have had four AFC championships, two Super Bowls, it’s just going to be expected,” Strickler said. 

It’s a trend they don’t expect to change, but they stress there are tickets they would deem affordable still on the market for just over $100.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said that ahead of Thursday’s showdown, most of the slowdowns for weekday games happen during rush hour, but all of their activities will be delayed in areas around the stadium. 

As for Chiefs fans, they’re just ready for kickoff and victory Friday. Kickoff for the game starts at 7:15 p.m.

“They got it, they got it, yeah, I don’t think they’ll lose,” two Chiefs fans said.