KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Chiefs Kingdom was certainly not disappointed by Saturday’s performance.

As the team inches one step closer to a return to the Super Bowl, fans all across the city—including ones leaving Arrowhead— are already looking ahead to a certain mid-February date.  

“That was amazing,” said one Chiefs fan.

Chiefs fans were beyond Cloud nine after they clinched their fifth straight AFC Championship game appearance, and nobody here is tired yet.

“I’m ready to be back. I’m ready to be back to it,” said another Chiefs fan.

A week in which Chiefs Kingdom was challenged by the opposing team’s quarterback, the fans answered the call.

“I don’t think [Trevor Lawrence] understood what it was going to be about. He definitely wasn’t ready for it,” said a Chiefs Fan.

Fans feared that their soon-to-be MVP and starting QB, Patrick Mahomes may be injured. 

“It definitely worried me with Mahomes being hurt, but the whole team was there. The defense stepped up. You know, I’m glad to be ready for next week,” said a fan.

His questionable return was only questioned until he made his return in the third quarter, helping power the team to a victory, giving people across our city a reason to celebrate.

“It feels absolutely incredible, and Mahomes is going to be healthy next week. Let’s go baby,” said another fan.

To be clear, whether the Chiefs play the Bengals or the Bills, these fans are confident in who they think will make it out on top when it’s all said and done.

“Either one, I think we’ll be ready for them,” said one fan.  

“Aye, we gone see y’all next week, you feel me? Bye-bye Jacksonville, see you later,” said another fan.