KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF)– Even though Patrick Mahomes didn’t regularly play his first season following his Draft Day, his jersey still made a huge splash everywhere Kansas City Chiefs merchandise is sold.

It’s popularity, of course, only skyrocketed from there.

So that’s a big question for retailers right now: What are the names customers will be asking for?

Draft Day is a major step in potentially become a household name in Chiefs Kingdom. Plus, according to some retailers, there’s a pretty healthy marketplace for player jerseys for even those who haven’t yet stepped foot on the field.

The top-selling jerseys are somewhat obvious at Rally House: Mahomes, Travis Kelce, but fans like Alex Babb are open-mindedly headed toward Draft Day.

“If we do get that stud wide receiver then that jersey sale is probably going to be the jersey sale because we’re going to put fast people on the field,” Babb said.

Chelsea Pletke is a senior store manager at Rally House. She said that demand won’t match five years ago, following the moment Mahomes was drafted.

“When Mahomes was first drafted, everybody was coming in wanting his jersey — even though he wasn’t even starting yet. I remember the game that he did start in Denver at the end of the season right before the playoffs, everybody was coming in and demanding Mahomes,” Pletke said.

So what’s expected to push demand this year as fans anticipate the Chiefs offensive rebuild?

“Wide receivers and running backs because that’s essentially where you see the biggest action with the scoring and things,” Pletke said.

But the biggest drive for customers is probably personal reasons.

“Maybe they played that position in college. Maybe they played that position in high school. Maybe it’s somebody that they went to the same college as and they still have that hometown pride and that allegiance to that college,” Pletke said.

“So, I guarantee you that there’s going to be people in here the next day after the draft asking when we’re going to have that jersey or when we’re going to have that t-shirt,” Pletke said.