KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — While hazing is not allowed in the NFL, some rookie initiation of sorts is commonplace in the locker room.

For most position rooms, it’s a group dinner that the rookies must pay for. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling decided to take advantage of this tradition and make rookie receiver Skyy Moore pay a $22,730 dinner bill at KC steakhouse 801 Chophouse.

“It actually happened to me when I was in Green Bay,” Valdes-Scantling said.

“Davante [Adams] and Randall [Cobb] did it to me, so I feel like I had to pass the tradition down, and it was fun. I enjoyed it”

After making Moore sweat for a few minutes by getting his card declined and making him call his financial advisor and the bank, Valdes-Scantling told him it was a prank and that he was paying the bill.

“It went on for the whole time. They brought the bill out. They ran his card twice. It got declined.”

“He was sweating for a good five minutes. It was a long five minutes too.”

While it is all fun, Valdes-Scantling said pranks like this are good team bonding experiences and help bring the receivers closer. He also mentioned other ventures that he has done in Kansas City that he could not do with the Packers.

“Just because Green Bay is kind of such a small town and because you kind of can’t really do much outside besides go to each other’s houses. So, you know, I’ve been to events with guys on the team. Got to go to the Kendrick Lamar concert with Pat (Patrick Mahomes). I went to a couple of soccer games.”

“So just being able to go out and experience those things with the guys and building that chemistry. Obviously, going down to Texas and hanging out with all the guys there. So, it’s just been a good time, and you can see why that family atmosphere is created here.”

That family atmosphere is what the Chiefs hope will help them thrive this season.

And over the next few seasons, Moore will probably be excited to carry on the tradition.

“When it’s his turn to do it when the next rookie comes in, it’ll be good for him.”