PHOENIX, Ariz. — The Kansas City Chiefs almost didn’t get their star quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

A week ago, Patrick Mahomes Sr. told Chicago radio station 670 The Score that the Chicago Bears told his son they would draft him with the third overall pick.

The Bears drafted North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky instead.

During Super Bowl media, the star quarterback set the record straight by saying he didn’t think the Bears gave him any promises.

“My dad took it a little far,” the younger Mahomes said. “So it wasn’t that I thought the Bears were gonna draft me, but I was told that if they drafted a quarterback that I would be the quarterback that they drafted.

“And that wasn’t necessarily directly from their people, but that was told to my camp that I was told. So it did surprise me a little bit, but they told me they weren’t drafting a quarterback. So that was the most surprising thing at all.”

“He (Mahomes Sr.) acted like they were gonna drive me for sure,” Mahomes said. “And that interview, and I was like, I don’t know if it was that serious, but they did say if the quarterback was drafted, I would be the guy they drafted.”

The All-Pro quarterback said he was a little surprised that the Bears didn’t take him, but he wasn’t worried since he was regarded as a second- or third-round pick coming out of Texas Tech.

“It didn’t catch me by surprise a little bit. I mean I wasn’t, I wasn’t extremely, extremely worried about it. I mean, I at the time when I came out of the drives project to be a second- or third- round pick,” Mahomes said.

“I was just happy and happy to get drafted in the first round. And I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to get drafted here, the Kansas City Chiefs, think it’s well documented. So I was glad that I end up getting drafted here.”

Mahomes also talked about how quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy gave him the answers to the draft interview questions with the Chiefs the night before he talked with head coach Andy Reid.

“I still to this day think it was a test because if he gave me the sneak peek and I didn’t get the answers right, then that would have looked even worse. So he would make sure that I was gonna study, and I was up to like 3 or 4 in the morning, making sure I was gonna be great for Coach Reid.”

Looking back now, it’s clear the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs would look drastically different if the Bears took Mahomes in 2017.