KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a disappointing loss to the Indianapolis Colts, where the special teams unit’s performance has been magnified for mistakes that led to opposition scores.

Rookie wide receiver Skyy Moore muffed the first punt of the game and set the Colts up in the red zone, where they eventually scored to take an early lead.

“Those kinds of plays, when you lose a game, end up being magnified a lot more bigger than they were,” Special teams coordinator Dave Toub said. “That was a big play, huge play in that game. [It] gave them confidence, but our guys picked [Moore] up. When he came to the sideline, they were all picking him up.”

Moore was tasked with punt return duties, despite not having a history as a returner in college, but Toub said they remain confident in his abilities, despite the mistake against the Colts.

“We’re sticking with Skyy. We like Skyy. If you noticed, he finished with a 12-yard return. He wants to do it. He’s not hiding from it. He wants to be the guy,” Toub said. “He made a mistake. Mistakes happen with young players, and coach sticks with guys. I stick with guys. We’re coaches. We got to get them better. That’s our job. I really believe that he is gonna be a really good punt returner in this league.”

Toub added that Moore’s confidence in himself didn’t waiver after the muffed punt, and he was able to bounce back from it toward the end of the game.

“He was right there every time they were ready to punt. He was standing right next to me, ready to go back in,” Toub said. “He was able to catch that last one and get 12 yards, and practice was great all week. We have confidence in him. He’s a young player. He’s gonna get better and better.”

The rookie wide receiver has yet to make a huge impact with the offense, but the coaching staff said his role will gradually increase.

A majority of his time has been spent with the special teams unit, where he has 8 punt returns on the season for 59 yards.