KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While the oddsmakers in Las Vegas currently favor the Kansas City Chiefs by a touchdown for Sunday’s AFC Championship, there are quite a few straight-up bets floating around.

Those wagers are coming from elected leaders throughout the Chiefs Kingdom and their counterparts in the Bengal Nation.

Gates Bar-B-Q has traditionally been the wager coming out of Kansas City. This game is no different with Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. getting in the mix, throwing down in a little friendly bet with his equivalent in Hamilton County.

White said, in his youth, a spread like the one he is wagering would be no small bet.

“When I first started coming to Gates, we couldn’t afford the barbeque. So we’d always just get the French fries,” White said.

“If the Chiefs win, our youth will have lunch provided by Hamilton County, Ohio officials from a Black-owned restaurant in their town,” Monique Johnston, executive director of Youth Ambassadors – Kansas City, said.

“Well, Richie’s chicken. It’s famous in Cincinnati. That’s what the Hamilton County President Stephanie Summerow Dumas offered,” White said.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is also throwing down and, this time, putting up Jack Stack Barbecue for the wager.

What does he stand to win?

“Do you know what they’re sending us yet?” Lucas asked a staff member during the announcement of his bet.

“Ummmm…there was a little murmur that they might be sending us some Cincinnati chili?” his staff member replied.

“Sure,” Lucas said.

Back at Gates, confidence is also high for the Chiefs’ performance.

“The offense is on full cylinders,” White said.

“I feel pretty confident that these guys are ready to take that next step,” White said.

For the Jackson County bet, a Chiefs win means that Hamilton County’s president will be feeding the local program Youth Ambassadors – Kansas City. The organization has a goal of empowering underserved teens in the community.