KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills a chance meeting has one metro family asking for your help.

A woman with autism sat away from her family and befriended the man sitting next to her.

Now, her family said they want to say thank you. Sa’euteuga Suluvale said when she found out her sister sat alone at the game she felt awful. She did not go herself. Suluvale said to know someone was kind to her is a blessing.

In Tima Suluvale’s 34 years she’s always been a Chiefs fan, but never went to a game.

“A big Chiefs fan,” Tima said.

“She’s watching the games — like any game. She likes watching a lot of sports,” Suluvale said.

That is, until her uncle from Iowa came down for the game against the Bills Sunday and bought Tima a ticket.

“I was excited,” Tima said.

However, being a playoff game and getting a ticket at the last minute she and her uncle sat apart, but Tima found a friend in her seatmate.

“He’s nice. And he’s kind. We cheered together,” Tima said.

Suluvale said when she called her mom after the game she was surprised to hear about Tima’s new friend.

“My mother had already told me like, I know some stranger. She made a friend. And my mom told me she had a picture. I asked my sister to send me a picture,” Suluvale said.

The problem is — Tima didn’t catch her new friend’s name. She didn’t learn where he was from, what he does for a living, or anything that would help her family find him besides a couple of photos. Her sister posted them on Facebook in Chiefs groups hoping someone knew the man who was so kind to Tima.

“I don’t know, if he realized that she was autistic, or I don’t know what his side was,” Suluvale said.
“I want to thank him for giving my sister her first experience, a really good one, you know? To hear my sister come home, and she’s able, you know, to be by herself and you know, be a social butterfly.”

“To see him again and sit right next to him I will be happy,” Tima said.

While both sisters hope to find her friend from the stands, Tima said she’s ready to see the Chiefs win the big AFC Championship game and go onto the Super Bowl.

“Go Chiefs!” Tima said.

If you happen to know who the man in the photos is please reach out to FOX4’s Facebook page and send us a message. We can help you get in touch with Tima’s family. Who knows, maybe they can tailgate before Sunday’s game.