MIAMI — Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill appeared on Kevin Hart’s YouTube show “Cold as Balls” and spoke about his relationship with quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Hart interviews guests, typically athletes, on a set reminiscent of a locker room and he and the guest sit in ice baths. The premise is to ask questions while guests are vulnerable while sitting in ice baths, like they would during recovery.

During the interview, which appears to have been recorded before the blockbuster trade to the Miami Dolphins, Hart asked Hill about his relationship off the field with his former quarterback.

“I can always look at him as a brother no matter what. I know I can always call on him and count on him for anything,” Hill said.

In his message to the Chiefs upon his departure, Hill repeated the sentiment, calling several of his former teammates his brothers for life.

“Thank you to Pat, Kelce, Demarcus, and Dieter along with all my teammates. I’m proud to have taken the field with each of you. You are what made each day worth it. We are brothers for life,” Hill said.

Kansas City received five total draft picks in exchange for Hill.

“The Cheetah” played 104 games with the Chiefs including the postseason. He helped the team win Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers and made the famed catch on the Wasp play call to set up a touchdown that fueled the comeback victory.