KANSAS CITY, Mo. — According to DraftKings, the over/under for total wins this upcoming season for the Kansas City Chiefs is set at 10.5, tied for fourth most.

AFC NorthAFC EastAFC SouthAFC West
Cincinnati Bengals – 10Buffalo Bills – 11.5Indianapolis Colts – 9.5Kansas City Chiefs – 10.5
Baltimore Ravens – 9.5Miami Dolphins – 9Tennessee Titans – 9.5Los Angeles Chargers – 10
Pittsburgh Steelers – 7.5New England Patriots – 8.5Jacksonville Jaguars – 6Denver Broncos – 10
Cleveland Browns – ?New York Jets – 5.5Houston Texans – 4.5Las Vegas Raiders – 8.5
*Data as of April 13
NFC NorthNFC EastNFC SouthNFC West
Green Bay Packers – 11Dallas Cowboys – 10.5Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 11.5Los Angeles Rams – 10.5
Minnesota Vikings – 9Philadelphia Eagles – 8.5New Orleans Saints – 8San Francisco 49ers – 10
Chicago Bears – 7Washington Commanders – 7.5Carolina Panthers – 6Arizona Cardinals – 9
Detroit Lions – 6New York Giants – 7Atlanta Falcons – 5Seattle Seahawks – 6
*Data as of April 13

The Chiefs trail only the Buffalo Bills (11.5), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11.5) and Green Bay Packers (11). The Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams are both projected to have the same amount of wins as the Chiefs.

The loaded AFC West saw Super Bowl XLVIII winning quarterback Russell Wilson join the Denver Broncos, All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams join the Las Vegas Raiders, and Super Bowl LIII winning cornerback J.C. Jackson and 2016 Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack join the Los Angeles Chargers, and it is reflected in the win totals.

Average Win Totals per division (AFC North excluded)

  • AFC West – 9.75
  • NFC West – 8.9
  • AFC East – 8.6
  • NFC East – 8.4
  • NFC North – 8.25
  • NFC South – 7.6
  • AFC South – 7.3

The Chiefs have won six straight AFC West titles, but will now face the toughest division in the league, according to win totals.

The only question mark on the entire list is the Cleveland Browns who signed quarterback Deshaun Watson in the offseason, but due to off-the-field legal troubles, are unsure if he will play week 1, or if at all.

The bottom of the list belongs to the Houston Texans with 4.5 projected victories, with the Atlanta Falcons right above them at 5 wins.