KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Chiefs Kingdom is already hyped for the AFC Championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but fans can always use a little more excitement.

That’s where Darrell Thomas comes in. Thomas is a school resource officer at Rosedale Middle School in the Kansas City, Kansas, School District by day. By night Thomas is a rapper known as ‘The S.a.1.n.t.,’ and he’s sending a message. One that’s kid-friendly.

“I always wanted my music to be a pillar to everyone who’s out there, children as well,” Thomas said. “I want children to be able to play my music, kinda like Will Smith. You can play it, don’t have to censor anything.”

Thomas said he loves working as an SRO, and he considers it his second family.

“When they heard about me doing this music, they were really excited because I was at a prior school before and did a song for that school recently. I’m gonna have to do one for Rosedale as well,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he doesn’t know if any of the Chiefs have heard his music, but he hopes they like it when they do hear it.

“It’d be great if they could play it at Arrowhead Stadium,” Thomas said.

You can listed to Thomas’ song “Chiefense” in the above video player. If you like the song, you can find it online on iTunes and Amazon. Just search Chiefense by The S.a.1.n.t.