KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – “It’s your year, big guy, let’s get you ready,” Donna Kelce says to her son Jason in a Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercial as Travis listens to his champion ringtone.

Actually, you could say it’s been Jason, Travis and Donna Kelce’s year as the NFL and “New Heights” podcast stars are just about everywhere you look, often with “Mama Kelce.”

“Love her. Oh my God, the woman has so much energy. She’s everywhere and just the personality. She’s a wonderful soul, a wonderful person, and I want to get to meet her,” Luana Bruce said.

Outside Arrowhead Monday, fans had a chance to do just that.

“I just walked by, and my dad is like, ‘Look who it is,’ and I’m like, ‘no way it’s Donna Kelce,’ and I walked up and took a picture with her,” Jason Terry said.

She also fielded plenty of questions about Taylor Swift and her famous sons.

“Is Taylor here today?” one fan asked.

“She’s in Brazil. She has a concert tonight,” Kelce responded.

“Jason or (Travis) Kelce, who was the biggest eater growing up?” one fan asked.
“Jason, for sure,” Kelce responded.

They are some of the same questions FOX4 asked Donna Kelce six years ago when I sat down with her before the Kelce Brothers’ first meeting at Arrowhead in 2017. Back then, she could sit in a hotel lobby explaining how Travis had the cleaner room growing up and go unnoticed. Now fans make their own custom half-Chiefs half-Eagles jerseys.

“We love the Kelce brothers. They are awesome, we booked this game way in advance, and we thought it would be a great idea to support Jason and Travis, so we did it following Mama Kelce’s footsteps,” Caley Andrews and Rae Daniel, Canadian fans of Kelce said after meeting Donna Kelce.

Fans also listen to just about every minute of a weekly “New Heights” podcast.

“The podcast helps you more just realize they are normal brothers, just everyday life, just doing what they enjoy,” Eagles fan Dylan Kinney said.

“I think both boys have come into their own. They’ve become stars of the NFL,” Donna Kelce said.

By proxy, “Mama Kelce” has become a star of her own. While a lot has changed, one thing as we head into Thanksgiving hasn’t. She says she wouldn’t plan on eating anything Travis or Jason would ever make.

“Six years later, you talk about how they’ve grown,” I joked. ” But not in the kitchen, no,” Kelce laughed.

Kelce says, thankfully, Jason’s wife Kylie and her mom are good cooks. That’s where she’ll be spending Thanksgiving. No word on whether Travis and any certain plus one will also be there.