LENEXA, Kan. (FOX4KC) — The Kansas City Chiefs have dedicated this year’s playoff campaign to the fans and one devoted fan in particular who’s no longer with us.

Melba Mills, 103, died Dec. 28, 2021. The team made a post saying that Mills “quickly captured our hearts with her infectious smile and quick wit.”

Now her family thinks what’s become known as “Melba Magic” might have played a role in the Chiefs epic comeback 42-36 win over the Buffalo Bills.

Mills family didn’t know how much of a fan of the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes she’d become until she turned 100.

“Come to find out she’d been following Mahomes ever since he was drafted,” her son Monte Mills said after she remarked a server looked just like the Chiefs quarterback.

Her son notified the team who invited her onto the field as part of the NFL’s 100th season celebration. It was her first time at any professional sporting event in her life and she got to meet her favorite players.

“How are you doing, Melba? This is a game ball. I wanted to give this to you,” Mahomes said in a video of that 2019 day shared by the Chiefs after her death.

Mitchell now has that signed ball and photos from that day, that kicked off the Chiefs run to it’s first Super Bowl win in 50 years.

“They started talking about the Melba Magic which carried over to the Super Bowl,” Mitchell said.

You see, Melba thought Super Bowl LIV was over when the Chiefs fell behind and started to take off the special 100 jerseys she wore for every game to go to bed.

“She loved to tell the story no sooner did she put that jersey back on the Chiefs started scoring again,” Mitchell said.

After her death, the Chiefs invited Mitchell and his wife out to Sunday’s game to cheer on the team in her place. But once again, things seemed grim as the clock showed 13 seconds when the Bills took the lead. The Mitchells started to leave Arrowhead.

“Needless to say we stopped to see the field goal made and then the overtime victory and once again the Melba Magic came through,” Mitchell said.

Melba’s family thinks the Chiefs added years to her life and can’t thank them enough for dedicating this year’s postseason run to the centenarian who loved her Chiefs.

“We know that our mother is watching over us, but also cheering on the Chiefs all the way,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he learned a lesson that his mom realized earlier and tried to teach him, never doubt Mahomes again.