KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Patrick Mahomes is known for his competitiveness, training and preparation, so there’s no doubt that the Chiefs quarterback is ready to do everything he can to make another Super Bowl run. But this year there’s a key difference for Mahomes.

This year he’s a father.

His fiancé, Brittany Matthews, gave birth to the couple’s first child on Feb. 20, 2021. Sterling Skye was born just weeks after Mahomes played in his second Super Bowl in two years.

While Sterling is still too young to know about any of her father’s record-setting stats, Mahomes and Matthews haven’t wasted any time raising their daughter to be a member of the Chiefs Kingdom. She made her first trip to Chiefs Training Camp in the offseason, and also attended preseason games.

Sunday’s comeback game against the Cleveland Browns was Sterling’s first regular-season game at Arrowhead. Mahomes said it was the loudest crowd he’d ever heard at Arrowhead, but Brittany prepared Sterling. At least for the noise.

“She had her headphones on,” Mahomes said during a news conference Wednesday. “I think it ruined one of her naps and Brittany wasn’t too happy about it. Brittany said when I was shh-ing the crowd one time, it was me telling everyone to be quiet for her nap, so it was cool.”

While he knew Brittany and Sterling were both at Arrowhead for the game, he said it was cool to be able to see his daughter when he got home Sunday night, too.

“I made it home just in time before her bedtime, so she was in her bedtime routine. I got to kind of just go in and give her a little kiss goodnight, so it was definitely cool to get to go home and see her,” Mahomes said.

There’s no arguing that Mahomes and Mathews are a sports power couple in Kansas City. Mahomes came to KC because of the Chiefs, but is now a partial owner of the Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC. His soon-to-be wife is a certified personal trainer and part of Kansas City’s NWSL’s ownership group.

Mahomes said Sterling has options when it comes to Kansas City teams, but he hopes to nudge her in a specific direction.

“I mean her mom has got her strong on soccer right now, so we’re going to try to work her way to where she becomes a big football fan,” Mahomes said.