KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — A lot has to happen between now and then, but we do know a possible AFC Championship game site is Atlanta.

If the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills advance to the title game, Mercedes-Benz Stadium would host as part of the NFL’s readjustment in light of the canceled Bills-Bengals game.

Travel agents have a few tips if you’re thinking about planning the trip, just in case.

Some Chiefs fans are all for the trip.

“We can go on a road trip,” Chiefs fan Laura Murchie, 16, said. “It will be really fun.”

“I hope everyone gets to go,” Chiefs fan Orin Imtiaz said.

Others said it is too expensive.

“We’re planning a wedding. That’s why we’re here,” Chiefs Fan Shanna O’Donnell said. “So probably not this year.”

So, let’s break down the price to get to the possible match-up at Merecedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

“Good insurance is what we call it,” Mark Ebbits said.

He’s the president of Shelton Travel.

Ebbits said you’ll pay about $1,500 for airfare and hotel right now. But the longer you wait, the higher the prices will get.

“If you wait ’til the last minute, you will always pay higher than you will by planning in advance,” he said.

With the location and contestants currently up in the air, Ebbitts said refundable airline tickets are the way to go.

“Get on the web, go on Delta or Southwest, which are the two main carriers to Atlanta and buy those tickets now,” he said, “Buy the refundable ones, which is only maybe $50 more than the non-refundables.”

Details surrounding game ticket sales will be released later, with Chiefs Bills season ticket holders getting priority.

We don’t know the prices yet, but the lowest ticket prices for last year’s AFC Championship game ranged from $485-556.

“Oh, it’s too much money,” Erik Smith said. “The games are getting too expensive anyways.”

A way to save a few bucks may be to drive — it’ll just take about 12 hours.

Murchie and sister Manuela Gamarano are trying to convince Dad to take a road trip, saying it will be quality family time – and they wouldn’t mind seeing Travis Kelce in action.

“Dad, please let us go,” Murchie said. “We’re so excited for it.”

“Yes, we are,” Gamarano said. “It would be so fun.”

The game would take place Sunday, Jan. 29, on a neutral field.

“I understood what happened with the game and the player getting hurt, and so they had to figure out something,” Smith said.