INGLEWOOD — Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Melvin Ingram suited up to face his former team for the first time. His impact was felt before the start of regulation and overtime.

The veteran pass rusher was called to call heads or tails on both coin flips.

“We were able to have the ball last. My hat goes out to Melvin Ingram for winning two coin flips, and here he comes back to a team that he loved for all those years,” head coach Andy Reid said. “He had an opportunity to put on the uniform of his rival, one of the rivals, and do such a nice job for us.”

Ingram downplayed his return to Los Angeles since joining the Chiefs and made his presence felt like the captain making the call as the head referee flipped the coin.

He called “tails” both times, giving the Kansas City Chiefs a choice in who got the ball first.

According to statmuse, the Chiefs are tied for the league lead in winning coin tosses with 10.

With the overtime rules benefiting the team who gets the ball first, Ingram’s call put the ball into the hands of Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense.

Five plays later, the Chiefs won the game on a 34-yard touchdown from tight end Travis Kelce.

While Ingram only had three tackles in the game, winning the coin toss made a big impact on the outcome.