KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was born in Tyler, Texas, went to Whitehouse High School, then went to Texas Tech… you all know the story.

Growing up a Dallas Cowboys fan, he’s setting that fandom aside for his first matchup against the Cowboys on Sunday.

“My dad was a big Dallas Cowboys fan so I got to watch a lot of games growing up, but I won’t be a fan this week for sure,” Mahomes said.

Rookie LB Nick Bolton grew up in Frisco, Texas, went to Lone Star High School and then played for the Mizzou Tigers.

Contrary to Mahomes, his house was not a home for the Cowboys.

“My mom’s a [Pittsburgh] Steelers fan, my dad is a [San Francisco] 49ers fan so I was neutral,” Bolton said. “I really didn’t have a team, I had players. So as we go into this game, I got a lot of family coming but not many of them will be Cowboys fans this week.”

The Cowboys are coming off of a 43-3 shellacking of the Atlanta Falcons after receiving their second loss of the season to the Denver Broncos a week before.

With the Cowboys boasting the #1 ranked offense in the NFL and a top 10 defense, Mahomes and Bolton know the Chiefs have their hands full. But they hope the momentum the team has built up during their three-game win streak can keep going.

The Chiefs rank 10th in scoring offense and 20th in scoring defense.

“They got two great backs, wonderful wide receivers, great quarterback, so it’s gonna be up to us to handle our business in that aspect. Stop the run and also contain the pass catchers to explosives when we can,” Bolton said.

“They play extremely hard, that’s the main thing. They have playmakers over there but they don’t give up on any play. They’re flying around trying to make plays happen and whenever you have defenses that have playmakers and play hard every single play, that’s a tough defense to go up against,” Mahomes said.