KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Some memories of the Kansas City Chiefs’ past playoff mishaps haunt the team’s star tight end.

On Thursday, ahead of the Chiefs’ matchup with the Las Vegas Raiders, Travis Kelce talked about how a concussion and an AFC Divisional Roud loss to the Tennessee Titans ended his 2017 season.

“To be honest, I still really haven’t gotten past it. I always think about that game,” said Kelce.

Kelce ended that game with four catches, 66 yards and a touchdown. He also ended the 2017 season as a Pro Bowler, second-team All-Pro with over 1,000 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

But for the 33-year-old tight end who took a pause before answering the question, he remembers that season as his last one with quarterback Alex Smith.

“I feel like giving him a chance at winning a Super Bowl was one of the biggest things for me, knowing how much that guy had been through up to that point in his career,” said Kelce.

Even as losses and missed opportunities haunt him, Kelce said he uses the losses as motivation, especially as the Chiefs fight for the number one seed in the AFC.

“It’s been one of our goals since the beginning of the season – win the division, get the number one seed, be able to get an extra bye week in before the playoffs start. And that’s always on our mind, and we know that’s at stake – it’s been at stake, and we’ve been trying to play our tails off to put ourselves in the best position when it comes playoff time,” said Kelce.