WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Former Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill was in Wichita on Friday hosting his youth football camp at the Stryker Sports Complex in northeast Wichita.

Hill has been the talk of sports media this week, as he teased his new podcast, titled “It Needed To Be Said,” with a soundbite that suggested some tension with the Chiefs’ front office earlier this year.

“I’m very excited man for it to be released,” Hill said. “A lot of people are getting caught into the bait, you know, so it’s just like a minute snippet, it was like, just a question.”

The question came after Hill talked about his time in Kansas City, and how well things were before he was traded. His co-host, Julius Collins, asked him what changed in the last year to be traded.

Hill said he “didn’t even answer the question” in the snippet.

Even though he is not a Kansas City Chief anymore, Hill said he still wanted to give back to communities in Kansas.

“I mean, this is where it all started, right?” Hill said. “I feel like … I’m still here. My heart is still here, the fans are still here. So I’m always going to do my best to come back to KC because these are the guys who had my back … when it was hard for me.”

The camp, which runs until 7 p.m. on Friday, focuses on lectures, fundamental skill stations, contests, and awards. Hill said that his main goal is to have fun.

Now with the Miami Dolphins, Hill said things are going well as he gels with his new teammates in offseason workouts, but he is “definitely going to miss that Arrowhead noise.”