ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (WDAF) — Defensive backs coach Dave Merritt referred to the five rookie defensive backs as the “Fab five.” While there’s no distinction for what player matches up with one of the players on Michigan’s famed basketball team of the early 1990s.

“We all have some real wide and expressive personalities, so I don’t want to label anybody Chris Webber or any of the other guys,” Joshua Williams said.

Williams, the rookie from D2 Fayetteville State, has got some starts in both training camp and during the game vs. Chicago in nickel coverage. Now he’s learning from, a big brother if you will, in L’Jarius Sneed.

“I look up to LJ. That’s somebody that’s a vet that I really do try to model myself after and take little things after. He (Sneed’s) a real humble dude, so he won’t tell you, but almost any time I’m coming off the field, I’m asking him how I can do this, what did he do right here, he’ll come and offer some wisdom. He knows how to speak to the rookies, so he understands. That’s a plus. I love him,” Williams said.

L’Jarius Sneed has taken on a veteran presence in the cornerback unit and says he’s learning a couple of things from the rookie as well.

“Josh, I try to steal some things from him too, man,” Sneed said. “Like, using his hands, he’s very good at using his hands, and he’s very patient at the line. Even as a rookie, I learn from him as I’m still learning myself.”

As for Sneed’s “Fab Five” reference, he uses a basketball reference to describe another rookie cornerback, Trent McDuffie.

“I call Trent, like, Steph Curry. He’s a swift guy. He can do it all from the inside and the outside,” Sneed said.

For Sneed, Williams and the rest of the Chiefs, Thursday is the last day of training camp. After that, the game is Saturday afternoon against Washington at Arrowhead.