DENVER, Colo. — A TikTok video by Jackson Mahomes has garnered attention for what appears to be a typo on his jacket.

As the Kansas City Chiefs were on their way to a win at Mile High Stadium against the Denver Broncos, Jackson Mahomes, brother of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, went viral again after a TikTok he posted seemed to show him wearing a jacket with his last name spelled wrong.

Jackson has made sideline TikTok dance videos a regular occurrence as he watches his older brother play, even making headlines at FedEx Field, home of the Washington Football Team, when he danced on the late-Sean Taylor’s number that was painted on the field in his honor.

But this time around, the angle of the video and the fold in the fabric of the jacket made it look as if the letters spelled “MAHOMS” instead of “MAHOMES”.

An Instagram post showed the 21-year-old posing with his brother and brother’s fiancé, Brittany Matthews, post-game and shows that the missing “E” in the TikTok, is in fact not missing.

Matthews, who is frequently seen with Jackson in his videos and social media, came to his defense after verified accounts came after him for questioning why he was wearing something with his family’s last name spelled wrong, despite images that show the contrary.

“Are y’all that IGNORANT???” Matthews tweeted.

She responded to another post, that has since been deleted, calling out an account for not looking for other photos to confirm whether it was spelled correctly or not.