KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce made his presence felt on and off the field in Sunday night’s Wild Card victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kelce ended the game with 5 catches for 108 yards, 1 receiving touchdown and 1 passing touchdown. But before his historical performance, the All-Pro tight end showed up to the game in a faux fur coat that caught the eye of many.

The coat, which sells for $600, is designed by KidSuper, a New York-based fashion designer named Colm Dillane.

“I want it to be a cape. If you have a cape and you’re walking out, people assume you can fly,” Dillane said.

Named “Fell In Love With a Dancer,” the coat is made of 100% faux fur, according to the KidSuper website.

“This is the best jacket ever! Satin lining, buttons not zippers,” reads the description of the coat.

KidSuper was born in New York but moved around a lot before the age of 12, helping him develop the KidSuper ethos.

“Make the most out of everything. Try to be a superhero in everyday scenarios. Go big or go home,” Dillane said.

He eventually moved back to New York City, where he began making his own clothes at age 15.

Now, his brand has grown and has connected with many fashion icons, including Kelce.

“He doesn’t take himself too seriously but then performs on the highest level, and I think that’s a great similarity to how I want to portray myself,” KidSuper said.

KidSuper will take part in Paris Fashion Week’s official calendar, and Dillane’s newest fashion show will release the weekend of the Chiefs vs. Bills divisional matchup.