WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita man’s life-long dream of watching the Chiefs in the Super Bowl is about to come true.

“I have been a Chiefs fan since day one, since 1964,” said Lyle Randa.

That’s the year Lyle Randa was born. The Liebenthal, Kansas native can still remember sitting around the television when the Chiefs played in the Super Bowl in 1970.

“They are not my life, but in football, they are my team,” Randa said.

Randa has gone to his fair share of NFL games throughout the years, but he never imagined he would get to go to the Super Bowl. However, that all changed in 2017.

“I got an email on her (wife’s) birthday January 17 saying that, ‘congratulations, you’re the big winner,'” he explained.

Randa won the Bud Light Super Bowl Tickets for Life sweepstakes after he found one of the company’s 37,000 gold-colored beer cans it put out for the promotion.

“I said, ‘someday I would like to go to the Super Bowl, and here it is, I get to go to every Super Bowl now,'” he said.

Randa has gone to three Super Bowl games since winning the sweepstakes. He said this year’s game is extra special.

“This means everything!” he said. “The only thing that would be better than this would be the Chiefs and the Vikings.”

He said he is hopeful his luck will rub off on the Chiefs during the Super Bowl.

“That would be my dream come true to watch the Chiefs win the Super Bowl and if I ever went to another Super Bowl I wouldn’t care because I could say I was there to see them win,” Randa said.

Randa gets two tickets per game. He must be in attendance to use them. He also cannot sell the tickets.