WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Blake Bell isn’t the first Bell out of Wichita to play in the NFL, but he’s the first one to appear in a Super Bowl.

After Mike and Mark Bell retired from the NFL, the twins would often take their children to Arrowhead Stadium, where they had sideline access during the pregame. Mark’s son, Blake, idolized tight end, Tony Gonzalez. Little did the Bell brothers know that one day, Blake would appear in two Super Bowls with the Chiefs.

In the middle of Wichita’s Delano District, the only twins from the state of Kansas to play in the National Football League reminisce about the days after their playing careers ended.

“You know, I think back to times Mark and I would take our kids to the games, and when they were little and on the field in preseason, and, you know, watch the games and do it every year,” said Mike. “And then, you know, the circle of life. Here comes Blake, and he makes it to the NFL, and he actually makes it to Kansas City, which is unbelievable.”

Mike wore No. 99 for Kansas City. He was a fixture on the Chiefs’ defensive line for 12 seasons. His twin brother Mark, who played with the Seahawks and Colts, beams with pride when asked about his son being in the Super Bowl for the second time.

“There’s nothing like it. As I said, the first time might be a dream come true. When you do it the second time, and it is hard to believe. It’s hard to really put into words, but we’re so proud of Blake and everything he’s accomplished,” said Mark.

Mark says Blake missed a big chunk of the 2022 season after tearing his quad muscle off the bone. Blake is back on the active roster and has played in three games.

“He’s healthy at the right time. Right when we need him in the Super Bowl and go get our second win,” said Mark.

Blake caught a touchdown pass against the Denver Broncos on New Year’s Day. He’s one of four tight ends on the Chiefs Super Bowl roster.

“The whole group is a good tight-end group, and Blake loves being around that team. He loves the Kansas City Chiefs. He loves that locker room, and it’s just been a great experience for Blake,” said Mark.

“And you know, it’s just a special time right now for Kansas City, and Blake’s in a special place, and I tell him that. I say, ‘Blake, you’re at a special place at a special time,’ and he goes, ‘You ain’t kidding,'” said Mike.

The Bells traveled to Miami and saw Blake and the Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV, and yes, they’re going to Glendale, too, for Super Bowl LVII.

“We’ll absolutely be there for this one too. I mean, we’re looking forward to another great game. Another win for the Kansas City Chiefs, and experience everything with Blake,” said Mark.

“We’ve got to go. I mean, you always wonder about… It’s an expensive trip. But I chose to take the whole family. So, we’re going, and Mark is taking his family. I’m taking my family, and we’re going to enjoy the experience of a lifetime,” said Mike. “You never know. I mean, the Chiefs are on a roll right now, and it’s a team you feel like can get there more than once, but you never know.”