KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – Willie Gay is busy figuring out where Patrick Mahomes’ no-look passes are going.

“Patrick stared them down, I jumped the route, and next thing I know, he threw it,” he said. “Nothing much I can do about that. It’s only one quarterback in the league that can do that, I think, and I’m on his team.”

Other than stopping Mahomes, things are looking good for the linebacker now entering his third season. Gay is happy with the on-field relationship he’s built with second-year linebacker Nick Bolton.

“We feel like we’re brothers sometimes, just how we treat each other, how we react and interact with each other, and on that field, we keep the energy flowing, and he does something good I’m happy for him. I do something good, he’s happy for me,” he said.

Gay was dealing with his son being born prematurely off the field, but his teammates and family helped him get through a difficult time.

“I had my baby boy getting born 16 weeks early. He’s healthy now, doing good, so that’s a weight taken off my shoulders,” he said. “Cause it was tough the first few weeks of the season, man. I just hope and pray that this year, I know adversity will come but just fight through it even more.”

His focus is now on the field with his family doing well. Gay says he’s impressed with rookie linebacker Leo Chenal. He thinks the former Wisconsin Badger will be fun to watch when they put the pads on during training camp.