KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With a historic victory on Sunday, giving the Chiefs a record sixth consecutive AFC West title, Kansas City is gearing up for another round of playoffs.

One of those playoff games for certain will be played at Arrowhead Stadium, and of course, that means the city must prepare.

Union Station is already playing its part with a special light show after Sunday’s 36-10 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Union Station leaders said the show was ready at a moment’s notice.

“We’re able to change the building at a moment’s notice. Our light designers may be at home; they’re able to pull it up on their computer and change it,” Union Station President and CEO Goerge Guastello said.

That show will run Monday night as well, and as if the light show wasn’t enough — Union Station leaders said get ready for what they have planned next. They’re turning Kansas City’s historic train station into “the great Chiefs palace,” Guastello said.

“We’ve got some things coming up that we’ll be sharing some ideas with. We have the rally house; we have the great light experience that Kansas City has come to experience here,” he said.

And no matter how many times the Chiefs find themselves on top, for Kansas City, it never gets old.

“It’s awesome. I mean, it’s just, I’ve been a lifetime fan,” Lisa Thomas said.

She’s not alone in celebrating the Chiefs’ historic run, the first team to win the AFC West six times in a row.

“It’s just pretty exciting. It’s been a fun time to root for the Chiefs these past six years, and I’m excited to see how long they can keep that streak going forward,” Chiefs fan Cooper Nocera said.

From a city wholeheartedly embracing its team to a team determined not to let its fans down, Kansas City and the Chiefs are ready for this year’s playoff run.

“Just walking around here, you could see all the gear. Everybody’s got their beanies on. (It) really tells you how important it is to the city and vice versa,” Marcello Smith said.

Stores such as Rally House and the Kansas Sampler said they plan on having the new AFC West championship gear in their stores by Wednesday.