WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — For this week’s Competitive Drive we’re focusing on the AfterShocks. Their run in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) has energized the Shockers’ fanbase and has molded the team into a band of brothers.

As the AfterShocks make their way deeper in the TBT than they ever have, playing in the semifinals in Dayton this weekend, the team might also be closer than any in past.

“We stay together, man,” explained AfterShocks and former WSU Forward, Markis McDuffie. “We got group chats, you know, we stay together. When we’re overseas, we still talk. So when we come here it’s just like, ‘hey, hey. What’s up brother,’ it’s like we just had seen each other.”

“I consider this a family reunion,” McDuffie added. “I look forward to this every single summer.”

“We’re tight,” said Head Coach Zach Bush. “Like these are our boys, we love each other.”

Even with some players’ ages varying by more than a decade, the chemistry on and off the court is obvious.

“For me to be the oldest guy on the team, and be able to kind of help them and put my arm around them and tell them things I learned in this game,” AfterShocks guard Clevin Hannah explained. “To come back and share this with these guys is unmatched, man.”

They hope how their team interacts can impact current and future Shockers who are watching.

“We want you guys to build that family and become part of us,” smiled Bush. “And then it becomes one on to the next, this is a program. It doesn’t matter who’s here. I think that’s a big thing for us.”