ANDALE, Kan. (KSNW) — Andale volleyball, now 18-0, has become a powerhouse program. Joining the likes of Andale football, track and field, and basketball.

“This is my fifth year,” explained head coach Kalylie Bergkamp. “It’s taken every bit of those five years to get our volleyball program on track of where it needed to be.”

The first lesson under head coach Kaylie Bergkamp was finding confidence. In year one, Andale never thought it could be state champs in year five.

“Now we come in, and we have seniors who know that this is what they want to do. They know, and they understand, and they know what it feels like. I think that’s the biggest change I’ve seen over the five years,” Bergkamp added.

A lot of that success and confidence is due in part to this year’s senior class. Nine leaders have set the tone.

But there are two in particular who have elevated Andale’s program to new heights, Maddie Schrandt and McKenzie Fairchild.

“They carry the load, they know that too, they play all away around, so they pass, they attack, they block, they do everything probably the two most humbled kids out on the court too”

“We’ve had a lot of really good senior leaders when we were younger to look up to,” said Schrandt. “I think we just try and embody what they have started and carry on the tradition”

A tradition of hard work and expectations of bringing home a second straight 4A state title.