WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Fanduel Sportsbook opened Thursday at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane. Kansas State legend and lifelong Kansas resident, Jordy Nelson, was the first person to place a wager.

“It allows people to stay active. It allows every game that’s on TV to be entertaining for something that’s in it,” explained Nelson. That’s exciting. I think for the sporting community, that’s exciting, for fans, just to make it more intriguing Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Monday, I mean there’s a game every night.”

The Wildcat legend made a fitting selection as the first in-person Fanduel bet in the state.

Nelson added, “I’m going to bet that the Kansas State Wildcats will win the Big 12 Championship this season.”

Officials for Fanduel and the Kansas Star say they could see the state of Kansas as a launchpad to legalize sports gambling in other historically conservative states.

“I think we’ve seen that in other parts of the country,” said Fanduel VP of Retail Operations, Jeff Lowich. “When one state goes, the neighboring states tend to go because you start to see some of that flow of tax revenue from your home state residents going to other states.”

Those feeling lucky they’re excited about what this new future holds for the state.

“It was really simple, really-really simple,” said Wichitan, Charley Fields. “I’m glad I came this morning because I’m afraid it will be crazy in here this weekend.”