WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Kansas State has dominated the summer recruiting circuit, locking in verbal commits from 2023 Maize High quarterback Avery Johnson and Derby running back Dylan Edwards.

But many may not know that the friendship between the families goes way farther back than just these two athletes.

“I’m 50 years old. I’ve only known a couple of guys for 50 years, and Leon Edwards is one of them.”
Mark Johnson, Avery’s father, was also an influence on both on the field.

“You know, I coached them in little league football,” added Johnson. “So, to watch the boys do amazing things in little league football. And then to watch them do their respective special things with Avery being a quarterback and Dylan being a running back in high school. They’ve done some things we might not see for a while.”

When Dylan Edwards committed to Kansas State in June, he told the crowd the first thing he was going to do was recruit others to Manhattan. Just a couple of weeks later, Edwards’ job was a success when Avery verbally committed to K-State.

“I mean, we already have chemistry,” Edwards said. “He’s one of my best friends. I’m at his house all the time. We hang out all the time, so I know playing on the field with him is just going to be special.”

Avery says it was actually another school that convinced him to join Edwards at K-State.

“I got down to Oregon, and you know they asked me what I really want from a program and to make my decision from there,” Avery explained. “And I feel like that really opened my eyes. It didn’t really help them out very much, but it ended up helping Kansas State out.”

Now both athletes are going to look to add even more talent to the Wildcat roster.

“I think this is going to start it even more,” Edwards said. “I started it off, and I think he’s going to start it even more, and it’s going to boom, and we’re going to have the number one recruiting class K-State has ever had.”