ANDALE, Kan. (KSNW) — As the reigning 4A State Champions, it’s no surprise athletes on Andale High School’s track and field team are taking their talent to the next level. But for Jack Kraus and Jonah Meyer, the opportunity means something greater.

The guys practice on opposite ends of the field; Kraus hangs down by the shot put and discus while Meyer lines up on the javelin runway. But the two are more similar than some might think.

“They’re kind of like clones a little bit,” says the Indians’ javelin and hammer coach Robby Spexarth.

Both are dual sport athletes, sharing the football field through the fall semester. Now, they’ve both chosen to pursue the throws in college. Kraus is headed to the U.S. Military Academy West Point, and Meyer to The U.S. Air Force Academy.

“I felt a commitment to perform as a soldier, duty the country, and it kind of appealed to me more than some other colleges,” said Kraus.

“I owe back to everyone that’s served, and maybe it’s my turn to step up. I have a couple grandparents, two in the army and one marine. I guess I’ll be starting another generation of possible military,” explained Meyer.

The two athletes have already left a legacy in Andale’s track and field program.

“Jack is a tremendous athlete. He gave our school record of 60 feet. The record was 57, and it was held for 50-something years,” said shot put coach Mike Blasi.

“Jack, he’s awesome. He always wants to get better, and he puts in the time to be better. And that’s why he’s obviously one of the best throwers on the team and also in the state, added discus coach Jeff Ast.

Meyer also collects accolades. He currently ranks sixth all-time at Andale in the javelin throw. This year, he looks to move up the rankings.

“I’d love to hit the 200 mark hopefully by the end of the year and possibly at state,” said Meyer.

“Jonah Meyer, about as good as it gets. He just shows up, works his butt off every day, he’s respectful, and he just knows how to get the job done,” explained coach Spexarth.

But the guys’ goals expand far beyond their time at Andale and into their college and military endeavors.

“I would love to keep throwing far, possibly become an All-American. I think it would be really cool to be a fighter pilot,” said Meyer.

“I’d like to maybe make nationals one year. I’m leaning toward mechanical engineering right now, but I haven’t decided what field,” said Kraus.