WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The high school boys tennis season is well over the halfway point, and the Wichita Collegiate School’s team is after a repeat for a Class 3A team state title.

The Spartans lost two seniors from last season, but returned four then juniors, and that experience has helped them stayed focused for their senior campaign.

“All four of us were on the state team last year and I’d say we’ve only improved our chemistry and as players together,” said Spartan senior Charlie Dunne.

“We’re always out here on the court working twice as hard,” said Mark Feng, also a senior for the Spartans. “We hit a lot over the summer. There’s no slowing down even after that season ends.”

So far the Spartans have won two meets, and finished third out of 16 teams in another meet this season.

Spartan senior Nick Grabon said, “the pressure that we’re experiencing is us driving for success everyday and so we can tone out everything else that’s going on around us.”

This Spartan team has State experience as players, but their coach Dave Hawley brings more than four decades of it. He’s in his 45 season coaching, and has won 57 state titles in boys and girls tennis.

“We never talk about winning a state title, never,” Hawley said. “Until it’s over and if it happens. What I tell them is every year you get one shot to compete for it. So when your done with it, whatever happened, if you’re happy with the performance you put in, we will live with that result.”

Regionals start in two weeks, the state meet follows in three weeks.

“We’ve played at that higher level and in bigger matches,” said Spartan senior Charlie Nolan. “I think it takes some of the pressure off the bigger matches we play in other tournaments.”