NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) — Football is just around the corner, with high school games just weeks away, and with a new coach, Newton is hoping for success in 2022.

The Railers have struggled in recent years, finishing with a sub-.500 record for the last seven seasons, but with first-year head coach Greg Slade joining the program this year, the team says they are excited to get things going.

Slade says the most important factor in succeeding in 2022 is consistency.

“We’ve got to be consistent across the board. Be successful in all three phases of the game, offense, defense, and special teams,” Slade said.

Senior linebacker Brody Harper said the changes in the program are exciting.

“We’re more disciplined this year. We are wanting to learn more and be better this year and just continue to learning. We learned a new defense this year, and with all of this stuff going on, I’m just really excited for it,” Harper said.

Wide receiver Isaac Klug said they are taking things week by week and buying into Slade’s philosophies.

“Honestly, we all got to work together. We all got to buy in and just believe that we can win,” Klug said. “Like right now, we’re focused to go 1-0 to start the season now, and that’s what we have to think every single week.”

The Railers open their season against Valley Center on Sept. 2.