BELAIRE, Kan. (KSNW) — Capitalizing on college. Not only will Sunrise Christian Academy basketball star Gradey Dick, play ball at KU. He can make some money doing it. The NCAA’s new NIL policy has been a constant thought for many soon-to-be college athletes, and Dick is no exception.

“I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do that,” Dick explained. “It’s just as of now smaller deals. I’m starting to get contacted, and actually, bigger deals now making my way next year into KU.”

The NIL policy is so new, both players and their coaches are learning about it on the fly.

“They pass a rule, and then, there’s not a lot of guidance with it,” said Luke Barnwell, Sunrise Christian Academy head basketball coach. “There’s so much grey area and so much uncertainty with it, but you just try to educate yourself as much as possible.”

Dick says his on-the-court performances have to remain the priority.

“I feel like as I grow my game, that’s what I’m going to focus on most, and if those deals come with it, that’s the cherry on top too.”

Barnwell explained the key is educating parents and their student-athletes and making sure to rush into any decisions they could regret.