NEW ORLEANS, La. (KSNW) — For the Jayhawk faithful, traveling with the Jayhawks sounds like a dream too good to be true. But for Andover native Colin Wreath, it’s reality.

Wreath is a senior at KU as a trombone player for the Jayhawks band. He has traveled just about everywhere the basketball team has gone in the tournament.

“We’ve been traveling with the team to Fort Worth and Chicago for the first through fourth rounds,” Wreath said. “We get to do everything that the team does for the most part with traveling and it’s just awesome.”

Along with playing at the games, Wreath says they play at several different events in the cities that they visit.

“We’re kind of go, go, go the whole time and it’s just a blast. We definitely try to do our part to make sure the fans are engaged and get the crowd going especially when we need them in those close games,” Wreath said.

Wreath has played in the band for five years, traveling to cities all across the nation, and he says that having a front-row seat is a dream come true.

“To watch the best basketball team in the country, a team I’ve been watching ever since I was a little kid up close and personal has been really special,” Wreath said.

Wreath hopes his ride with the team continues into the national championship.