KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF) — Legislation legalizing sports betting is headed to the desk of the Kansas governor.

The decision came early Friday morning as state senators approved the measure at 1:45 a.m.

The move pushes the decision to Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, who has signaled her support of legalized sports betting in the past.

For the four state-affiliated casinos in the state, including Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, expectations for revenue are between $9 million and $45 million, with the state taking a 10% tax on that money.

This was the main selling point on the floor of the Kansas Senate.

“While this is going on — right now in our state — offshore and other states are collecting the revenue. All we’re doing is allowing our state to collect the revenue that is deserved so we can use it for the people of Kansas,” Sen. Robert Olson, R-Olathe, said.

Casinos reacted positively on social media but have not yet shared their thoughts on what in-person sportsbooks could be coming and likely coming quickly.

People will also have access to casino-operated online gambling, a system familiar to people who’ve used similar apps before.

“I’ve done like FanDuel and DraftKings and stuff like that. Like, I don’t follow Vegas or anything, but I do enjoy it,” Kevin Woodcock said.

“It’s not a bad idea I think because everyone’s got their own thing and some people, they’re really good at it. They follow the sports statistics really well,” Tyler Findley said.

Once signed, the law will not immediately apply to Native American Tribes that run casinos.

As the legislation is written, there is still an application process for sportsbooks at those casinos but once approved, they would be substantially under the same terms and conditions as the other casinos.