WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — On Monday, the American Athletic Conference (AAC) sent out a press release stating that they updated their COVID-19 operational protocols and procedures for the men’s and women’s 2021-2022 basketball seasons.

The conference’s athletic directors unanimously approved the protocols. However, these protocols are still subject to modification, pending changes to national, state, local, and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) guidelines.

The AAC’s updated COVID-19 operational protocols and procedures:

The conference has established a minimum of seven eligible scholarship players and at least one coach to be available for a conference game to proceed as scheduled. Any team with fewer than seven available scholarship players due to COVID-19 maintains the option to play a game if desired.

If a team does not have enough players to play a conference game as scheduled, the game shall be canceled and declared a no-contest for purposes of conference standings. The involved institutions have the discretion to reschedule a game that was canceled, but there is no mandatory rescheduling policy.

If a team decides to not play a particular contest for reasons unrelated to COVID-19, the game shall be declared a no-contest for NCAA purposes, and a forfeit win and forfeit loss for purposes of conference standings.

The AAC may declare a no-contest in a conference game if federal, state, local or university health authorities prevent the teams from playing on the scheduled date if both teams are able to participate. All rescheduling options will be exhausted before declaring a no-contest.

Teams will be required to play a minimum of 75% of the average number of conference games played in order to be seeded by winning percentage for the conference championship. All teams falling below the 75% threshold will be seeded according to their winning percentage within that subgroup.

– AAC press release