ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — The YMCA in Andover has become a hot spot for boy’s volleyball. On Mondays, you can find two of the three boy’s volleyball teams in south-central Kansas practicing.

“For the high schools, boys’ volleyball is not a sanctioned sport through KSHSAA,” volleyball coach David Ramirez explained. “This past year is the first season that I know of where we have an all-boys team.”

Other teams are located within the Kansas City Metro area, making it difficult for players to find local teams to join.

“We have one kid from Arkansas City,” Jeremiah Goebel, a senior at Remington High School, said. “He drives an hour to this spot for practice because this is the only spot where we have boys volleyball.”

Mostly due to Title IX and its popularity among teenage boys.

“You think of volleyball and the guys say it’s a waste of my time, that it’s too easy, but then we found the dedicated group who were willing to give it a try, it became enjoyable,” Eddy Rachedi, North East High graduate, said

A dedicated group that brings different levels of skill sets, but the same passion for the game.

“I am in love with this sport,” said Rachedi. “It’s honestly something I never thought I would be playing.”

Now they have an avenue to play, thanks to coach David Ramirez, who’s been coaching the game for 10 years, but switched to boy’s volleyball in 2021.

“The director asked me to coach the boy’s team and I jumped on it,” Ramirez said. “I don’t have any boys, I have three girls, so the boy’s team has been a lot of fun. They have more energy than I ever thought they would have.”

The YMCA has three teams of six or more players participating in the summer league this year, but the goal is to double that next year.