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Competitive Drive: Marcus Hicks tackling his way to the top

When those football night light shine on the field, that's where you see high football players give it their all. Wednesday, December 19th... signing day for the North West Grizzlies and in the mix is defensive end Marcus Hicks.

Hundreds of friends and family members were there to witness the future Sooner officially sign his National Letter of Intent to play football for the University of Oklahoma. But before he got to the point of getting ready to play at the college level, it all began back in the fourth grade. "He just learned to outwork everybody and work on his weaknesses, and he just kind of grew to what you see today," says Kelvin Hicks, Marcus' dad. 

Hicks turned into a four-star athlete ranked second in the state of Kansas and for the past three years, lead the Northwest Grizzlies, a team that he calls his family. "They mean everything to me. They're my brothers. I've spent most of my time with them," says Hicks. 

The Grizzlies went undefeated throughout the entire regular season. Hicks helped lead the Grizzlies to their second ever appearance at state in school history.  He is ending his year with 130 total tackles and 17 sacks, neutralizing some of the best offensive lineman in the area. And after a 12-1 season, Hicks is ready to turn to the next chapter in his life. "I'm excited to see what the future has, and I know it's the right place for me."





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