WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Downtown Wichita is the place to be as the Friday night lights shine for high school football.

On Friday, Riverfront Stadium traded in baseball for football as Maize High School and Maize South High School prepare to battle in a city showdown.

Branching out for other events was always part of the plan for the stadium, as it attracts many events beyond sports.

“It’s the new kid on the block, if you will,” said Maggie McLaughlin Special Events Manager Wind Surge.

The multi-million dollar Riverfront Stadium was completed in 2020 and built with the intention of being a multi-purpose venue.

McLaughlin says hosting high school football games is just one of the many events that the stadium is open for.

“It’s kind of a blank canvas for people. Whether it’s a trade show. We had the Wichita Flea Market this past year two times. We also had the Wichita Asian Night Market here as well, and that was on the concourse as well,” said McLaughlin.

Staff at Visit Wichita say the stadium is an asset to the city, not just for sports but for travelers coming through the air capitol.

“The fact that it’s so multidimensional is huge for Wichita and makes it real easy for us to try and sell,” said Josh Howell, Vice President of Sports Development at Visit Wichita. “It’s also great because people from outside Wichita.”

Another big benefit the stadium offers is location. A prime space for a variety of events.

“Any venue space, specifically this one, we want to keep going bigger and bigger and bigger, said McLaughlin. “It is close to downtown, and so we get to support all of those other local business too because we’re not only bringing people down here to Delano but there is surrounding areas around here too.”

The game between Maize and Maize South is just one of seven other high school football games that will be played here at Riverfront Stadium, and what a matchup it is to get these games kicked off.