WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Four different high school state competitions are taking in Wichita this weekend. Track and field, softball and baseball are being held at Wichita State University, while soccer is happening at Stryker Sports Complex.

“Thousands of athletes have come to Wichita. We have 353-member high schools, and just about every school is represented here in Wichita,” says Kansas State High School Activities Association Executive Director Bill Faflick.

State track and field crowd on May 26, 2023 (KSN Photo)

One big winner for this weekend’s sporting events is businesses.

“We call this our super bowl weekend. I mean, we know what’s coming, and we know that our sales will easily triple today alone,” says Justin Neel, owner of Social Tap.

“We’re at full capacity this weekend. Approximately I would say three or four hundred would be my guest. Maybe more. We’re hosting several different schools,” explains Mark Stark, Hyatt Place General Manager.

Having large amounts of tourists in town give businesses an opportunity to show off the city to visitors.

“The virtual kitchens that we have, those are two restaurants that have the ability to grow and to expand,” says Neel. “Getting our name out to people that have never been to Wichita and might live in the surrounding is great for us and great for everybody at Braeburn Square.”

In addition to current businesses, the events provide growth opportunities for the future.

“It’s truly important for our community because we bring in all this money to our local business so we can thrive, and then we can continue to grow as a city and get better events, better places, better businesses to come to Wichita and want to be here,” explains Jemelle Holopirek of Visit Wichita.

Holoperik says Visit Wichita is always looking to bring more large sporting to the city.