GODDARD, Kan. (KSNW) — To the west of Wichita sits Goddard. It is the home of two high schools, Goddard High and Goddard Eisenhower.

The Goddard High Lions are coming off of a winless season. They finished 0-9. Head coach Tommy Beason is pumped for this season because of two changes the program implemented this off-season.

The first, Beason made the executive decision to fire himself as offensive coordinator.

“I became stagnant, other teams in my league probably thought we were really predictable,” said Beason. “So this year, We’ve thrown everything against the wall to see what sticks.”

Two: Beason hired some new offensive assistants and created a new scheme that built up excitement around the program, something that hasn’t been felt in over a year.

“I think the difference with this team is our culture has changed a lot,” explained senior linebacker Bradley Bond. “Last year, we didn’t want to be at practice, we were lazy out here. This year, it’s a lot different. We are excited to be here, we are flying around and we are excited to play Campus week one.”