TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Highland Park boys varsity basketball team was scheduled to play Wyandotte County High School last Friday but never got the chance.

The Scots were on the road set to play Wyandotte High School, but after the freshman game, students from both varsity teams allegedly exchanged words, which led to Wyandotte faculty making the decision to cancel the game.

The districts haven’t commented on what was said, but a Highland Park parent tells KSNT News that violence and even death threats were mentioned and says that the Highland Park team was escorted out of Wyandotte High School by police.

A spokesman from Wyandotte Public Schools tells us the game was canceled due to unsportsmanlike conduct from both teams, but no further action is currently being taken.

Topeka Public Schools sent out a release to parents after the event saying:

“Safety is our top priority, and when we feel the environment is unsafe, we will conclude the game and ensure our students safely return to school. We appreciate the cooperation from the Wyandotte administrative team. Please contact the Highland Park administration if you have any questions.”

The spokesman from Wyandotte tells us that the plan is to reschedule the game in the near future.