WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The state of Kansas has produced many fantastic women’s college basketball players, like Claflin’s Jackie Stiles, Wichita North’s Lynette Woodard, and Laurie Koehn from Moundridge, to name a few.

Koehn held the NCAA women’s basketball record for career 3-pointers made, with a total of 392. That record has since been broken 14 times, most recently on Saturday night when McPherson’s Taylor Robertson shattered the record, becoming the first male or female to make 500 threes!

A new NCAA women’s basketball record was established Saturday in Ames, Iowa.

“And the three goes home for Oklahoma! That is the 498th three of her career,” said the ESPN Plus play-by-play announcer.

Courtesy: Kendall Shaw

That was the first of six 3-pointers for Oklahoma’s Taylor Robertson, raising her career record-breaking total to 503.

“I think that it’s just really cool because you look at all the people that are on the top of the list for made threes, and there’s big time names. It’s just hard to believe. It’s crazy,” said the fifth-year senior.

Robertson, who led McPherson High to a state championship as a senior in 2018, broke the NCAA record in 137 career games, two fewer games than the previous record-holder.

“She was also able to do it at a 44-percent clip. The previous record-holder was 39%. That 5% difference is enormous if you think about 3-point shooting. And it was like 150 less attempts she was able to break that record in. So, those are really significant, but for me, number-one going in, she needed to break that in fewer games for it to be looked at as legitimate,” said Robertson’s high school coach, Chris Strathman.

“It’s kind of a relief. And it’s just nice because now it’s kind of over with, and I’m not gonna get any questions about it anymore,” said Robertson. “And now, we can just play and try to win basketball games.”

Robertson’s mom, grandparents, aunt, and uncle were in Ames to see her break the record. Her father, Dave, passed away during her junior year of high school. He was a huge OU fan.

“Yeah, I think that he would be really proud. I think if he was here, he wouldn’t have said much about it. He probably would have just gave me a big hug,” said Robertson.

In addition to holding a new NCAA career record, Robertson is also the all-time leading scorer in McPherson High School history.

“Very proud. We obviously spent a lot of time together. To see Taylor grow up and start our kid’s camps and those things in the summer. She was just a phenomenal kid after every day of camp, after every single practice in high school, every single day, she’d come up and tell her coaches ‘Thank you,’ and that’s just unheard of,” said Strathman. “So yeah, she’s very special to us.”

Another prolific three-point shooter, NBA superstar Steph Curry, send Robertson a video message on Sunday to congratulate her. He also invited Robertson to be his guest at Monday night’s Golden State Warriors game at Oklahoma City.